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You can join a growing number of professionals who offer Optimize Nutritional reports to their clients, customers and members in less than 15 minutes. By using our S-Drive hardware and software platform, connected to our German technology center; you can generate Optimize Nutritional reports relevant to a variety of industries, which are delivered direct to your computer in less than 15 minutes.

Optimization is the process aligning each person’s environment with their genetic make-up, in order to support optimal expression for wellness, performance, beauty and everyday life by understanding the epigenetic influences that will promote optimum gene expression in the body.

Why use our system?

  • A user friendly system, requiring minimal training
  • 15-minute reporting on key epigenetic influences
  • Food based solutions, consistent with safe approach
  • Clear and easy to interpret nutritional reports
  • Generates new income through the ongoing sale of reports and solutions
  • Leading edge, internationally acclaimed technology.
  • Affordable capital expenditure and assured Return on Investment (ROI)

Plus, we will list you in our online provider directory of Optimize Professionals so that new clients and customers can find your services easily via our website. An extensive campaign of education and promotion of epigenetics and the service should significantly help to increase your client base.

We offer a great installation, training and support team to guide you along the way.

To join us, contact our sales and support team today!

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S-drive with License and 30 test pins optimize wellness initial package

₹ 345000 + GST as applicable